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I figured I be the good samaritan and get it safely into the grass so it wouldn get run over. I got behind it, got a good grip on either side, and picked him up for the short walk to the shoulder of the road. I gone about two steps when that head came out..

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It was 1977, and Turner’s Atlanta Braves were a team synonymous with spectacular failure. Two games from the end of the season, they were stuck with a dismal record of 60 100, a 16 game losing streak and they were dead last in the division. While fans hung their heads in shame and thought for certain that things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Turner set out to prove them all wrong.

I didn’t want the fancy schmancy. She shows up in lion slippers. Big old lion slippers. When someone writes an article praising the talents of a player or a group of players, inevitably, they will be called a dummy. No matter how defined the list or article maybe, somewhere out there, someone will call you names because you left their player(s) off the list. Fact of the matter is, statistically cheap nfl jerseys cheap nfl jerseys, an argument can be made to justify a particular point.

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