One of my favourite lines in a movie (because I allowed to

The United States is one of the planet’s biggest generators of waste, and New York presents a particular challenge because it is so densely populated. In most parts of the world, growing wealth is associated with an increased output of trash. But in the United States, the poorer population also contributes a considerable amount of garbage, much of it fast food packaging.

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They are more active about seeing and doing something about

At a small base named for Albert Ware, an American sergeant killed in 2009, we prepared for a patrol. It was a mercifully cool morning by the standards of southern Afghanistan, probably in the low 80s. Encrusted with a digital recorder and microphones, a camera and Kevlar helmet, ceramic body armor, a couple of liters of water, some snacks and a notebook, I stepped out..

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When the future Queen Elizabeth II andPhilip Mountbatten (now

As for the necessity, Dune itself is by far the most popular and the most “complete” of the books, but it is missing some important thematic closure. I seen people criticise Dune as both a white saviour story and also reaffirming the “chosen one” narrative. What Frank Herbert was doing was subverting and destroying that cliche, but from Dune alone that not entirely clear.

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